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Need for a Transponder Key programmed fast ? Call Ottawa Locksmith Service and we’ll get your transponder key made on the spot

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Have at least two keys – When you are to buy a car with transponder keys, have at least two keys. This is in preparation of emergencies, such as losing or forgetting the key somewhere.

Only ask a certified locksmith to program your keys – If your transponder keys need to be replaced or programmed, only contact a certified auto locksmith to do the job for you. This makes you more assured about the service.

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Ottawa House Lockout

Ottawa House Lockout

Got locked outside your house ? Lost keys ?  car lockout  ? 

24 hour Ottawa Locksmith service can get to you , just moments from your call.

Dial (613) 777-0493 Now!

When you call Ottawa locksmith service you can be assured you’re getting the solution you need and the service you deserve.
Our locksmiths are stationed around the city to ensure every call in the city metro area is answered.

Ottawa Locksmith Service provides :

  • 24/7 availability 365 days a year.
  • Professional to your exact location assistance.
  • Only up-to-date locksmith equipment.
  • 90-day guarantee on labor & work
  • Flat rate prices day or night.


For fast response contact our call center now!

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Ottawa Car Key Made

Lost your Car Keys? Need a transponder Key Made?

We can get to your exact location in 15 min Dial (613) 777-0493 Now!

When you need a fast professional solution, you deserve only the best.
Ottawa Locksmith service provides 24/7 assistance to the city residents all year long.

We provide:

  • Around the clock availability
  • Professional technicians and equipment only
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Low prices
  • Free estimate

No matter what kind of car key made you need, we can handle it!
Call us now to get a free locksmith estimate on your car key made Now

Ottawa Lock Rekey

Why Change when you can rekey your locks ?

With Ottawa Locksmith service, you can get an affordable solution in moments.

No more expansive lock replacements ! Get your locks re-keyed and upgrade your home security level in 15 min.

Ottawa Lock Rekey Service, offers houseowners in the city, an effective & affordable solution.
For Free Locksmith Estimate Call (613) 777-0493 now.

Lock rekey simply means that instead of  replacing your home locks altogether.  you only rekey the lock’s internal mechanism, without having to replace your locks at all.
Free Locksmith Estimate

Need  to Rekey your locks? Ottawa Locksmith service offers you a free locksmith estimate
for further info Contact our call center.

House Lockout

House Lockout – 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

House Lockout – Left your keys in the house and didn’t realize it until after your fun day out with the kids?

Call us! We will help you.


Our 3 emergency mobile services are primarily:

But for this article we will just look at talking about all of the ins and outs of house lockouts.

People, in general get locked out of their houses for 1 of 3 reasons:

  • They forgot their key in the house
  • Their keys were stolen or lost
  • Another person in the house locked them out without realizing.

When one of the above happens, you need to call us!

This is what is known as a house lockout.

There will always be someone to talk to on the other end.

We will need to get your name, number and address.

We will text this information to our locksmiths.

Reliable & Prompt

They will call you shortly thereafter to tell you their approximate time of arrival.

They must speak with you at this time before they go over.

If they don’t get a hold of you, they are not coming!

There are so many things that can happen between your call to us and the locksmiths’ call to you such as:

  • your friend or neighbour might walk by and open your door for you
  • you might’ve found another way inside
  • someone else brings you a spare key, before the locksmith arrives

If you do find a way inside, answer his call and tell him you got in.

If he has not yet arrived and you call us, there is no fee.

24 Hour Service

If it should happen that you managed to get in just as the locksmith arrives,

then you need to pay him his $15 call out fee.

If he has not yet arrived and you call Locksmith Ottawa, there is no fee.


Car Lockout Ottawa

Car Lockout Ottawa – 24 Hour Locksmith Ottawa

Car lockout Ottawa Locksmith

Locked out of your car??

You need immediate assistance to get back in call 

Call now and a technician is on the way!!! (613) 777-0493

Locked Keys In Car ? fastest response time in Ottawa

Locksmith In Ottawa are on alert ready to respond lockout call.

You don’t want an amateur opening your vehicle this could cause problem like misalignment or internal locking system damage.

At this time you simply need your car unlocked and back on the road with no further problems down the road.

This is why you need a professional locksmith in Ottawa who knows how to open every kind of vehicle from standard to high end and has many years of experience and knowledge on all types of automotive locking system and automotive security system.

Qualified locksmith technicians

Call now and you’re back in your vehicle and back to your busy day!!

Car Lockout Ottawa have many automotive locksmith, fully stocked with all the necessary gear and latest car unlock equipment and just a

call away in all areas of the Ottawa and surrounding cities.

caring and fair Pricing

When you call Car lockout Ottawa   , you’re getting a reliable solution right to your exact location in the city.
We understand you’re situation and act fast to get you back on the road ASAP.

Ottawa Locksmith Service offers:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Fast up to 15 minutes response
  • Professional technicians and equipment
  • Affordable locksmith prices
  • Properly opened vehicle with no damage

Ottawa Lock Change

Need a lock Replacement ? Door repair ? Lock rekey ?
Ottawa Locksmith Service offers professional & affordable solution.
For free estimate (613) 777-0493 now!

Ottawa Locksmith service specializes in all residential security solutions.
Our technicians are trained professionals ready to address your need.

We offer:

  • 24/7 availability all year long
  • Up to 15 Min response time
  • 90-guarantee on all parts and labor
  • the most competitive prices around

Take advantage of our totally free locksmith estimate to learn more of how to better your home protection in the future.

Ottawa Transponder Key

Ottawa Transponder Key

Lost car key ? car keys not working? locked keys in car ? we can help you Call (866) 936-1615 Now.

locksmith  in ottawa available day or night   24/7 availability

locksmith in ottawa can make you a new car key for any type of car

we offer 20 min response time

Need transponder key made ?

locksmith in ottawa service has got you covered !
Call (866) 936-1615 Now.

No matter where you’re at in the city metro area, our locksmiths can get right to your exact location

just moments from your call.

We can have your transponder key programmed from scratch on site.

We Provide:

  • replacement car keys
  • transponder key programmer
  • car key programmer
  • car key cutting
  • duplicate car keys
  • car key fobs

Our service is totally insured and comes with 90-day guarantee on all parts of labor.

For fast professional assistance contact Toronto Locksmith service Now.

Emergency Locksmith

Car Lockout ? Lost House keys ? Lock Repair ?

With Toronto Locksmith service you’re getting fast solution just moments from your call.

Dial (866) 936-1615 Now !

Toronto Locksmith service offers automotive residential and commercial 24/7 Locksmith solutions.

With multiple emergency locksmith crews deployed in the city metro, there is simply no faster locksmith service around.

  • Our Grate reputation in Toronto relies on:
  • Fast response just moments from your call.
  • Professional performance
  • affordable locksmith prices.
  • Personal attentive care.

Toronto Locksmith service always come with written 90 day guarantee on all parts and labor.

For fast assistance contact our local call center now.